begin anywhere.


Truth: my studio is filled with the smells of roasting coffee beans from the next door alley-neighbor coffee shop. It fills my senses in the best possible ways. Day #4 in the studio doing “real work.” Small miracles and baby steps. Working on a few very small canvases to get started. Blessings in the form of breathing and peaceful light.¬†


1. 2. 3. Begin anywhere.

The old radiator ticks warmth against a coldness outside. I love you, Carl. You are bright.

{originally published Feb 2, 2015}

over time.


Not painting yet, but I am in the studio and it feels good. I used to tell Carl every single day how much I love this space. Even after everything, it is still true. This place has a goodness about it. It feels comforting and safe. There’s a loving quality resonating from somewhere deep within the structure of this old building. I can’t help but love Sundays here the best. My spirit is calmer. It’s quieter on the street outside, there’s less foot traffic and the quality of light always seems more golden, even on cloudy days. Over time, it is possible that I will do a lot of healing here.

I love you,¬†Carl. When I’m here, I always feel you with me.

{originally published Jan 25, 2015}