Carl’s sunrise. Mid-air and halfway to heaven…where there is nothing but Love and LIGHT!

I don’t mean be selfish, but wow, that sunrise felt like it was made just for me!

“On the Way to the Wedding”
To be on the way to the wedding is to honor the great
ring of mystery in which we live. It is to praise the circling movement that is
ours, the ever-growing orbits of our lives. When I look at my life dancing in
the great ring of mystery, I know now that each season will greet me with the
energies I need to transform to make my life and love richer. I know that I
will come around and around on my personal cycles to all that I have lived before,
and no matter how painful or terrible or dark some
of that time was, it is now the rich rock from which I mine the crystal visions
for my healing. ~Schierse Leonard

I love you, Carl.

{originally published Dec 4, 2014}

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