Abundance in the form of grandma’s garden. In Uganda, this is more food than you’d most likely find at a market food stand. I will never look at my refrigerator the same way again. It’s extravagant, ridiculously extravagant, and I am grateful beyond measure for the overflow gifted out of my grandma’s hard work. 

I’ve begun to feel like I live with my feet in two words. Honestly, it’s an uncomfortable feeling. Sometimes it feels impossible that I’ll actually be able to take the leap into a life of living and working in Africa. But then I look at this and, no matter what my circumstances, challenges or obstacles are on any given day, I know that God has given me two hands to both give and receive, receive and give. I’m finding that the key to both is faith and gratitude. I like that part of the lesson. It’s a surprise and a relief, every time.

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