Uncle James to the rescue.

IMG_4308Received an update about Sharon this morning. So relieved to hear that Sharon is now in good hands. She is currently not as sick as we feared, but has been having flu-like symptoms and a cough. The school suggested that she might have mild malaria. However, if gone untreated, this could have become a VERY serious situation. Even so, James has reported that she is not ok and is looking quite bad as she is covered in a severe rash, which we are not yet sure of the cause. She will be going to the doctor in the morning for a full check up and treatment. I am beyond sad to see her in this condition since I can’t help but feel that she wouldn’t be looking like this if she had higher standards of care. Oh, how I wish I could simply be there with her. She is my greatest motivation to be in Uganda sooner than later. Praying also, of course, that her HIV tests come back negative. It is a fear I have with all the children. Let us hope for the best. I believe Sharon will be ok. Oh, but this little girl is loved! I believe in your continued prayers…that they will change her life and her future for the better.

I love you, my little Sharon!
Thank you, Uncle James, for coming to the rescue.


{Originally published on Facebook 03.23.16 :: Reposting here as a testimony to God’s grace in our lives.}

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