Prayers for Sharon.


Dear friends..prayers for my little Sharon, please. I received word today that she is sick. After a fairly unsuccessful attempt at moving Sharon to a nearby village to live with her biological mother, we ended up needing to move her into a boarding school. A few weeks later she was diagnosed and treated for malaria. And now? Sharon is sick. Again. Her biological mama left for Kenya and so she has had no one to give her extra love. I don’t know exactly what it’s like for her at boarding school, but I do know that it shouldn’t be this way. Luckily, “Uncle James” will be making the 4-5 hour journey to bring her to a doctor. So grateful I have someone to call on to help in moments like these! My heart breaks to be so far away from her. I want to cover her in extra blankets, hold her, sing to her, put a cold washcloth over her forehead, simply love her and make her feel a little bit better in any way I can. I want her to feel safe. I want her to feel cared for. I want her to now how incredibly precious she is. Most of all, I want her to be healthy. The thought of anything bad happening terrifies me. I hate it that simple sicknesses, untreated, can become life-threatening in Uganda. Sharon’s one of the lucky ones tho. She will see a doctor. She will hopefully be better soon. But, yes, my friends…please pray. Help me to cover her in love and protection, even from afar. I don’t know what’s wrong and she has been sick a lot ever since she first entered my life this past August. She’ll get a full physical and blood work done, including HIV/AIDS testing. My God, please take care of my little girl. Abba…please.

{Originally posted on Facebook 03.22.16 :: Reposting here as a testimony to God’s grace in our lives.}

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